Lecare and Oui Care develop innovative, cause marketing awareness programs to inspire and improve people’s lives. We are pleased and privileged to support the services that BeatCancer.org provides to women in cities and towns across America.  For over 35 years, BeatCancer.org (Center for Advancement in Cancer Education) has provided free community outreach workshops on preventing breast cancer through diet and lifestyle, as well as continuing education programs for nurses on breast health. The Center has also provided free individualized telephone coaching and resources for more than 14,000 breast cancer patients seeking to minimize treatment side effects, enhance quality of life, improve nutritional and immune status and/or prevent recurrence.  For a limited time, enjoy access to BeatCancer.org and other useful and outstanding resources offered through our site.



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  • My Mom now 81 is a true testament of the amazing support offered by the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education founded by Susan Silberstein. My Mom is a breat and ovarian cancer survivor thanks to the care she received by Susan. Susan supported my mother through the pain and confusion of being a cancer patient. She was diagnosed with brest cancer some 20 years ago and recently overcame 3rd stage ovarian cancer some 8 years ago. Susan's approach was a combination of support through traditional and alternative cancer therapies with a focus on whole food nutition and emotional guidance. The Center helps each and every patient sort through the confusion of what is a safe and effective approach to healing. I recommend the Center to all my friends and family. They are so deserving of this award.
  • As a woman with breast cancer healing herself naturally I was very fortunate to discover beatcancer.org when I first got diagnosed and didn't know where to turn. Dr. Randi Shyane was devoted to speaking with me every week giving me valuable information, advice and encouragement. It's been over a year now and I feel fabulous. She continues to give me free consultations and I really look forward to speaking with her with each appointment. I feel like she's not only a consultant and doctor but also a friend. This organization is the only resource I know of that gives so freely their precious time and guides those of us who are scared and living with cancer with compassion, knowledge and love.
  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38. I was anxious to learn how to get my body and mind back into balance. The ND that counseled meat BeatCancer.org  was instrumental in turning my life around. She provided the encouragement and education I needed to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Thank you LovePinkRibbon for your continuous commitment. Your support has made a difference!
    Dr. Susan Silberstein’s, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education | BeatCancer.Org