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When it All Began

In the fall of 1990, my wife Susan called her mother on a weekday to say hello and let her know we would be seeing her that next weekend for our usual Sunday afternoon dinner with the family. Her mother Ellen told her she couldn’t have us and the kids come over as she’d be busy that whole weekend with a Mahjong tournament. It seemed odd to Susan and she called to say hello early the next week and set the following Sunday for a family visit and dinner. Before the conversation was over, her Mother mentioned in an offhand manner, “Oh, by the way, I had a mastectomy last week”. Susan nearly fell over and asking her mother: “Why didn’t you tell me, let me be there for you!?” Her Mom, a 65 year old student of the ‘old school’ said: “Because I didn’t want to worry you”.


Ellen recently celebrated her 90th birthday and medical conversations are no longer kept from her daughter. The battle that she chose to fight alone, her decision not to worry her family, inspired us to create www.LovePinkRibbon.com ‘Lecare’ and ‘Oui Care’ to help others facing similar challenges.


Michael Ackerman


Cause Marketing

Cause marketing inspires action and improves lives, bringing awareness of the unique challenges in our communities and and helping to create multiple possibilities to meet those challenges.


Cause marketing is important to the customer all year round and is supported via retail, manufacturing, health and beauty, food and drug industries as well as consumer service organizations. Moreover, media and internet outlets, create millions of cause marketing consumer impressions each year.


Cause marketing helps breakthrough the marketing clutter.

Social Media

Join us on Facebook and Twitter and use cause marketing as a vehicle to realize your vision through socially responsible awareness initiatives. Acting locally, thinking globally, is the common thread woven into the fabric of society under the umbrella of social responsibility.


Millions of people participate in thousands of annual events that are personally important to them in order to show their heartfelt support for (1) those facing certain challenges caused by cancer, poverty, hunger, natural disaster, etc., and (2) in support of the selfless sacrifice of America’s Military heroes, police, fire and first responders who are responsible for keeping us all safe.


These programs have all become part of the daily national consciousness.

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